What Makes supreme beef jerky Halal

Supreme Beef Jerky partnered up with Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA) to bring you great tasting Halal beef jerky & beef sticks.

HFSAA certification ensures all aspects of production & procedures are 100% in compliance with their guidelines.

why halal?

We value quality over quantity.

halal certificatehalal certificate
rules & conditions pertaining to a valid halal slaughter

The first condition:

Those animals which are within one’s capacity to slaughter, whether domesticated or wild, it is necessary that its blood is shed by a tool that has a cutting edge, and that it kills the animal with its sharpness and not by its force. This sharp thing may be a knife or anything else. However, it is disliked (makruh) to use a tooth or a claw in the Hanafi School and impermissible to do so in the Shafi’i school.

The second condition

As far as the second condition (taking Allah’s name) is concerned, the majority of the jurists are of the view that, this is necessary. If one failed to recite Allah’s name intentionally and deliberately, the animal will be unlawful to consume. However, if it is left out due to forgetfulness, it will remain Halal, as the primary texts indicate.

The third condition

The third condition is that the slaughterer must be either a Muslim or from the people of the book (Ahl al-Kitab). The animal slaughtered by other than Muslims or the People of the Book (namely, Jews and Christians, if the other conditions are also fulfilled) is Haram according to all the jurists of Islam.

the importance of consuming halal & how you can benefit

Consuming Halal is an order of Allah and an essential part of the Islamic faith. Allah has repeatedly emphasized the consumption of Halal in His book.

By being careless about the dietary laws of Islam a believer puts himself in harm’s way both in this world and the world hereafter. In this world, due to in taking such a product he deprives himself from having any of his good deeds and duas accepted by his creator while in the hereafter he suffers the greatest loss ever imaginable i.e. refusal from being admitted to Paradise.

In our times, it becomes even more important to ensure the meat and poultry consumed is genuinely Halal due to the excessive deceit, cheat and false labelling of Halal in the industry.

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